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Tuesday - February 20-21, 2017 - Full Edition

CARICOM to hire lobbyists to tackle threat to banking sector

Feb 19, 2017 - Guardian.Co.TT - Joel Julien - Caribbean Community (CARICOM) leaders have agreed to engage the services of lobbyists at a cost of US$240,000 to deal with the issue of the loss of correspondent banking facilities currently facing the region ... Read More ...

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Lobbying against FATCA on Capitol Hill
[Opinion] - Feb 19, 2017 - Jamaica Observer.Com

Caricom Heads look to address de-risking threat
Feb 21, 2017 - Stabroek News.Com

A future for financial services?
[Opinion - Caribbean] - Feb 18, 2017 - Barbados Today.BB - Globalization has been a one-way street of impositions by powerful countries; fiscal sovereignty has been violated by the ...
The future of financial services in the Caribbean
[Commentary] - Feb 2017 - Caribbean News Now.Com - Sir Ronald Sanders - Indeed, if the current pattern of incursions, restrictions and false labelling of Caribbean jurisdictions as 'tax havens', and the Caribbean as a region ...

ESAs warn on money laundering and terrorist financing risks affecting the ...
Feb 20, 2017 - Foreign Affairs.Co.Nz - European Banking Authority - The three European Supervisory Authorities (EBA, EIOPA and ESMA - ESAs) published today a joint Opinion addressed to the European Commission on the risks of money ... Read More ...

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Joint Opinion on the risks of money laundering and terrorist financing ...
[Paper] - Feb 20, 2017 - EBA.Europa.Eu - European Banking Authority

The long-awaited Report. -Ed.

A New Paradigm: Redesigning the U.S. AML/CFT Framework to Protect ...
[Report] - Feb 2017 - The Clearing House.Org - In April and October 2016, a group of approximately 60 experts came together to discuss how to improve the U.S. framework for anti-money laundering/countering the financing of terrorism ... Read More ...

Bitcoin exchanges halt withdrawal after China issues warning
Feb 20, 2017 - The Ticker.Org - Yelena Dzhanova - For years, bitcoin has attracted a huge market base in China, which churns out over 90 percent of trade within the global bitcoin market. Following the meeting, the price of bitcoin ... Read More ...

The Philippines becomes the most recent Asian country to legalize Bitcoin
Feb 20, 2017 - Blasting News.Com - Lovelli Fuad - The history of Bitcoin in the Philippines is not unlike any other country in the world. There's the Bitcoin community, the Bitcoin exchange, and the giddy government. People in the Philippines ... Read More ...

Bank of Canada Report States Bitcoin Needs Regulation And Inflation
Feb 20, 2017 - News Btc.Com - JP Buntinx - New research by the Bank of Canada shows digital currencies need regulation. Those are the findings of the institution's researchers who took a close look at how bitcoin can evolve. The group feels ... Read More ...

Even More US Enterprises Are Stockpiling Bitcoin To Combat Cyber Attacks
[Opinion] - Feb 18, 2017 - News BTC.Com - JP Buntinx - It would appear even more US companies are stockpiling bitcoin to fight off cyber attacks. This type of behavior is not entirely new, but it appears to become even more prevalent as of ... Read More ...

EU Lawmakers Propose to Ban Geo-Blocking of Digital Currency Users
Feb 20, 2017 - Coin Desk.Com - Garrett Keirns - A European Parliament committee has proposed new measures that would prevent location-based discrimination against consumers in the economic bloc, including users of digital ... Read More ...

UAE Consider to Officially Recognize Bitcoin, Work on Regulatory Framework
Feb 20, 2017 - Coin Telegraph.Com - Joseph Young - On Jan. 1, 2017, the Central Bank of UAE published a document entitled "Regulatory Framework For Stored Values and Electronic Payment System" with a vision of leading market adoption ... Read More ...


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