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Friday - July 21, 2017 - Full Edition

Bank de-risking hits remittance costs
July 21, 2017 - Jamaica-Gleaner.Com -  While remittance costs have declined over the last decade, a new working paper coming out of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) indicates that costs are climbing again because of correspondent ... Read More ...

Chinese currency could safeguard Caribbean's access to financial services ...
[Opinion] - July 20, 2017 - WIC News.Com - Seb Kelly - The Chinese renminbi may be able to protect the Caribbean region's access to global finance services, the president of the Caribbean Development Bank (CDB) has said ... Read More ...

OCC FinTech Charter in Trump Administration Cards
[Ongoing Story] - July 20, 2017 -  Michael Whalen - If you are wondering about the prospects of the OCC FinTech national bank charter under the Trump Administration, we got a sign yesterday.  In his remarks to the Exchequer Club in Washington, D.C. ... Read More ...

Cross Border Remittances: Technology in the Origin and Innovation on the ...
July 17, 2017 - The Dialogue.Org - Remittances play an instrumental role in improving the lives of remittance receivers as increases in disposable income can be turned into increases in formalized savings, simultaneously facilitating ... Read More ...

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Migrant Financial Health
July 14, 2017 - The Dialogue.Org

Even More Immigration Judges are Reassigned in Trump's Border Crackdown
July 20, 2017 - WNYC.Org - Beth Fertig - In its crackdown on illegal immigration, the Trump administration is moving an increasing number of immigration judges closer to the border with Mexico. The practice is so widespread ...

ULC Approves Proposal For The Regulation Of Virtual Currency Businesses
July 21, 2017 - Eth News.Com -  Dan Cummings - On July 19, 2017, 45 out of 53 US jurisdictions that make up the Uniform Law Commission (ULC) voted to finalize and approve a draft of the proposed Uniform Regulation of Virtual Currency ... Read More ...


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